Thursday, July 30, 2015

Some changes....

On Tuesday night I made what I felt was a huge decision, I dropped my study, though I am so close to graduating, what is the point, I wouldn't be able to use it anyway as at this stage by going back to full-time work, is something I could not even attempt right now. And maybe if and when I ever do get back to that stage, I can finish it then, but I have changed my goals, I want to get the nail business up and going instead, studying was taking about 25 - 30 hours a week of my time, which was then making me tired for nails. Something had to give and it was not going to be the nails, so it was the study, and to be honest I had lost all enthusiasm for it.... so decision was a no brainer really.

So now I can focus just on nails, it means I now have time to practice, I now have time to watch youtube, and also will have time to keep upskilling. As well, will have time to do clients and not have to stress about what is due for study. I felt so relieved when I clicked the button on the website to finish the study, and the next morning it was so nice not having to stress trying to fit everything in. 

Today I got my hair done, and the dogs also went to the groomers, so will upload photos tomorrow. I went to a new hairdresser today as my other one was in Tauranga and moved further away from where he was, and it would have added another 15 minutes each way on the trip. Which might not seem much but when you are on meds and get tired so easy adding another 15 minutes onto an already 45 minute trip each way was just getting to risky. But anyway the new hairdresser did an awesome job even if it did take a bit longer this time round, as she learnt what colour bleach to put in, and went on the safe side, once it was all done we decided it needed more bleach in, so had to do redo it, but from now it will be simple, also love the haircut I got and its only 10 min drive away :)

Here is a picture of Chico and Rusty pinched off the groomers page and edited out the other puppies :)

Anyway not much other news for now, catch you all later, will try and remember to get a photo of my hair and put it on here :)


  1. I'm sorry to hear you have dropped your studies when you are so close to graduating but it seems you do have quite a lot going on in your life and a new interest with your nail business. I hope you can build your business quickly. The dogs look gorgeous xx

  2. Good to make decisions. Could you do just one paper at a time in order to finish? Shame to get this far and stop but great that you feel happy with your decision :)