Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I made the right decision.....

Yip I made the right decision, 1 week on and I am loving nails again, I have done more clients this week than all of last month, now I have got time to promote the business. Ok I was in Aussie for some of it but hey....

I am feeling really happy and relaxed about it all, especially now I have got out of the thinking oh shit I have an assignment due and so on.....

Next week I am going to start offering acrylics, it is currently taking me 3 hours for acrylics and a gel polish, but the more I do the quicker it will go :). Oh speaking of nails etc, a client was telling me her mum went to an Asian Nail bar and got a fungal infection in her toenail from it yukkkk , most of those places are the most unhygienic places ever around, I would never send my worst enemy to one of those..... please don't go, most of them will have cheap nasty products and they put the stuff in unnamed containers so you don't see whats in them. A nasty product is MMA, it was banned in New Zealand in 2006 but still people are using it and why because MMA is much cheaper - it cost about $20 or $30 a litre, compared to more than $200 for ethyl methacrylate (EMA) which is what I use. If you do go, please make sure they disinfect properly etc, not just a quick spray of equipment, ask to see what is in their product and if they don't show you then you can just about guarantee it will have MMA in it and walk away.

It was Chico's birthday last Sunday she turned 4 years old, it is Rusty's tomorrow and he will turn 1 - time is going just far to quick. Chico has been good since being home, apart from 1 little turn it lasted about 10 sec, not sure if it was a seizure or what. It had been heavy rain and thunder and like per usual, she was freaking out, having trouble breathing and so on, when she did this weird thing, I am not sure if it was a seizure or not. But will keep an eye on her and see if it happens again. 

Anyway thats it from me, catch you all soon, nice to have a few warmer days at the moment, won't be lasting long, apparently we are heading for another cold snap this weekend :)


  1. I have had my nails done at a couple of those places and never, ever again. they use that drill to sand for using acrylic and I have thin nails... they sand into my nail bed and the pain is terrible. I don't like acrylics - had to try them once. I prefer my nails shorter and neater now. Anyway, lesson learned on those cheap nail places ;)

  2. I'm glad you are happy with the decision you've made. It's great you've been busy with your nail business and like you say, the more you practise, the faster you'll get. That doesn't sound good about the chemicals and poor hygiene at the Asian nail bar! And yes, our dogs grow up so very quickly. My Rosie has her 14th birthday this month - very hard to believe xx

  3. Wow…Chico 4 already

    You are doing so well with your nails, glad you made the right decision.