Saturday, September 12, 2015

Trying on iPad

Well it has been a while, a lot has happened but not a lot if you get what I mean. I am trying this on the iPad to see if the issues it used to have are fixed. This way I might even blog a little more often maybe.......

Anyway what's been happening, the business since I decided to focus on is starting to pay off. Am getting more regular clients and new clients are finding me through recommendations from other people. The downside is I have been feeling a lot more nauseous, couldn't really work out where from but we think we may found the reason, it is the dust and smell from the manicures, so how are we going to solve this issue, by leasing a Emendee table, where it has a fan that keeps the dust and smell to a minimum. Well I am hoping it will work cause it is a 2 year lease if it doesn't lol. I would link it in properly if I knew how but for now I will just add the link - Hoping it will arrive sometime next month.

Exercise and food wise, well yeah that's about it...... But seriously on Monday I am going to start eating healthy again, how am I going to do it not really sure, maybe count calories on My Fitness Pal, exercise wise, again not really sure what I am going to do. Tomorrow when I am more awake I will set up some sort of plan, so will come back and tell you what I am doing, when I know what I doing :). I will weigh in on Monday, need to get some batteries first and will weigh in pounds, for no real reason just something different. I need to change my food and exercise habits, they are really bad and I am feeling so tired and lethargic and I know it is my food. It needs to stop and now!

No real plans for the weekend, well half the weekend has gone, so Sunday will go out for lunch probably, we usually go out for lunch once in the weekend, and I want to plan my week ahead for exercise and food :).

Anyway am going to sign of now and see how and if this has published, if you see then it has, if it doesn't well you won't know any better :)

Cheers and stay safe Jaxx :)

Location:Rotorua New Zealand


  1. I hope you can carry on with the nail business! Do you wear a mask? Would that help? As for the eating, you know what you need to do and that's all there is to say. Weight is a life long struggle and we just need to choose health. Stop thinking of it in terms of calories or weight - just look at all food and think "will this make me sick or healthy". I try and do that and succeed most days. Other days not 100% but hey, that's life :)

  2. Hi Jackie. I'm getting my head around a fresh start too. I'd really like to get my weight down a bit but more importantly for me is to get more exercise.

    First for me is to get back into daily blogging. Somehow that keeps the momentum going once I get started.

    I am also finding this website helpful and thought you might too. It's one pointed out to me by Lynda and is that rare thing.... written by a New Zealander... Hope this is helpful.


  3. I hope that table with the fan works for you; it's no good feeling nauseous all the time. Congrats on getting your business up and running. I do hope all goes well with the weigh-in and then trying to change your diet - it's not easy to break all habits but I'm sure you can do it! xx

  4. Looks like the I-pad worked.

    Hope you keep up with the nail business…love seeing some of what you do.

  5. I'm so crazy with that smell. I love it, but of course, I don't have to work with it all the time! Good luck with your new table : )

  6. Hi
    Where are you ?

    Cheers Peta

  7. Wishing you a very happy New Year, Jackie with best wishes for 2016 - may it be a sensational year for you in every way xx