Saturday, January 9, 2016

Am I really back?

Well yes it is me, so you can stand up now - I am back, well for today anyway - and hope to be more regular but hey...... will wait and see on that one. 

Where do I start, well lets start with business. I have my new table and it is brilliant, there has been 1 change, I have changed brands, which is more expensive so only half the amount of polishes but am slowly building them up again. The other brand was good but the two I am using now are so much better, last's longer, needs less coats etc etc.....  just a general better quality overall gel polish. The business itself is going good, slow but steady, my wrists/arms are still causing me issues so an OT (Ocupational Therapist) has been out and we are going to try some wrist supports or something. Another issue is I have constipation from the meds (and yes we have tried every flipping thing to try and remedy the situation) and I have been using my wheelchair cushion, but I need a proper cushion so she is also sussing out some for me to try. Getting regular clients now which is really nice :)

David and the puppies are all doing well, well they are not really puppies anymore. Chico has not a seizure in about 7 months now, so that is great, though she still stress's out with rain, thunder, fireworks.... we can not leave her when it is heavy rain, well she wont let us out the gate, but we also are to scared to leave her alone in case she has another seizure..... Rusty is now 1 1/4 so growing up fast, will do some pics and hey might even do a vlog in the next post, yip there just might be a next post :)

Me well lets just say, not a lot has changed, oh one thing I am unfitter at the end of the year than what I was at the beginning, hmmmm something went wrong there, I was suppose to be fitter at the end of the year, oh well just means another goal for 2016 to achieve :). We are not going to Aussie this year, unless we happen to win some money from somewhere or I inherit some money, BUT I may have a chance to go to LA for some nail training with this amazing guy. Someone is trying to get a group of us together from New Zealand for a weeks training in LA - hence why the fitness goal is in there, if I plan to go to LA I need to be one hell of a lot fitter than what I am now, thats for sure. Doable yes if I keep on focusing on the reason why :). The CRPS is the same, no real change but hey it isn't worse so thats a good thing. Next year we will go back to Aussie, spend a week at Melbourne, then about 5 or so days at the Blue Mountains and around that area, then fly/drive up to the Gold Coast for a couple of weeks of rest and relaxation :). 

Well you would think after 4 months I would have something exciting to talk about lol - oh yeah we are getting a new fence and gate put up, and we are demolishing the old deck and getting a new bigger one put up on the 18th, the fence is being started next Monday. Cant wait for a new fence and gate, the old one was a pain in the butt and looked bloody ugly, will take a pick tomorrow, so you can see the old and the new :).

I will take some photos soon of my nail room etc and put them up so you can see what I am doing, well where I am doing it anyway. 

Anyway thats me for now, talk soon :)


  1. woohoo she's back :) lovely to be able to read and catch up again... wish you had Aus on the cards again to visit soon but one day LOL :)

  2. Good to hear from you - good luck with the business :)

  3. Glad you are back blogging. I'm going to try as well to blog more regularly. I am well rested after a couple of weeks break so really must try and catch up soon. Let me know when you're free.

  4. Hi

    Nice to hear from you !

    Cheers Peta