Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hi all......

Well the start to the year has been crappy, ok well not really crappy, just this type of weather plays havoc with my CRPS. Either stay cold, hot, wet or dry, don't keep changing your mind every bloody day. Thats it vent over....

My cousin in Holland is going through a rough time, it was this time a year ago, where they had to make a decision to turn of life support for her son, a tough decision to make, and even tougher for parents to make it for their child. He donated his organs, so hoping someone got to live because of him.

Good things happening, we finally have a new fence and gate, no need to nearly rip my nails off getting in and out from the old gate lol. So much nicer for the clients. More good news, the deck will be finished by the long weekend at the end of January, we can then go shopping for nice furniture on it, and also put the BBQ up there and we might even get to enjoy it for a bit before the crap weather returns, oh thats right it hasn't gone away yet...... 

I have taken tomorrow of work cause my bloody wrists/arms are playing havoc in this weather, so tomorrow will be clean up house day, have let it go bit and it bugs me so much YES I HAVE OCD. So tomorrow have my list already to go.....

Oh yeah weighed in on Sunday, am weighing in pounds, for no real reason, just that it is different from kilos..... I will try and remember to weigh in Sunday's, though the scales are not going to dictate my mood, I will not allow that. I am going to do the two week free diet from the diet doctor, have only just signed up, so yet to suss it out properly that is tomorrows job. Click 'here' for the link, if you want to join :). Next week I start an exercise programme, what yet well thats a surprise, ok to be honest I have not even thought about what I want to do yet.... It will involve some cardio and lots of swissball work, just need to find the pump thing for the swissball and try to remember how it pumps up.

See you soon, stay safe and keep smiling :) 


  1. Good for you Jackie. I started yesterday on the diet doctors challenge. It's really good. You get everything and each day you get an email with tips and vid's. Which help to keep you positive and motivated. It's so well done. Excellent. Glad things are coming along with the deck etc. Will look forward to coming around for a barbie. Let me know what day suits you for a catch up. My hours are fairly flexible at the moment and next week will be more into a routine.

  2. Hi Jackie. I too have got the 2 week Diet Doctor plan. Will have a go at starting next week. Sunday start doesn't work for me. Saturday and Sunday we are out for nearly all day. Monday will be my Day One... well that's the plan. I guess I should weigh first. Trying to get my life in some kind of order after too many changes and challenges. Have been baby-sitting today. Oh so special but really tired now.

    We must keep in touch and cheer each other on.The meals look quite do-able but I've been eating sugar and some wheat including cakes ... oh dear... expect withdrawal. Sad face.

    Blessings and best of luck.