Thursday, January 21, 2016

Nope have not forgotten :)

Ok first off, weighed in last Sunday and lost 4lbs..... Thought I better get that in before next weigh in lol.

Anyway not much new has been happening we now have a new fence, and half a new deck, can't wait for it to be ready, hopefully by the first long weekend end of month. 2 long weekends in a row yay lol.

Anyway some pics of the new fence and half finished deck :)

Old Fence

Fence getting built

Fully Finished fence and new gate :)

Old messy deck

Thats how rotten it was....

Getting built

Getting closer

Deck ready to be nailed down, the sides up and we are ready to enjoy except.....
he is now not back until Tuesday :(

Keep Smiling and Stay Safe Jaxx :)


  1. That's great getting your fence and deck sorted! I love decks :)