Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Quick one....

Hi all....

Weighed in and ............ LOST another 3.4 lbs, so am pretty happy with that.

The deck is still being built, he is currently here hammering down the boards so yay, was hoping it would be ready by the weekend, but the weather might not allow that, it is suppose to rain every day for the next 5 days, well rain and thunderstorms no no no, So Sad :(. Well I suppose we can walk on it if nothing else after today.

Not a lot else has been happening, it has been mighty warm, we have been getting up to 33 degree's that is really warm for us and the humidity is anything above 80%, does not make a happy girl. Today it is 91% humidity.

I have Rochelle another nail tech coming around to play a little, she is going to show me how to do some 3d flowers etc...... I have kept clients to a minimum this week with the builder here and the dogs cant go outside unless on a lead, as the gates are open etc....

Oh yeah am trying to grow my nails out naturally and documenting the IBX treatment I am doing, well will be doing it on one hand and see how much better it works. I hate having short nails but have to start somewhere lol, but am really hoping I can last as did I mention I hate short nails......  follow me on my Facebook page 'here'.

Anyway thats it for now, if the deck is looking exciting tonight I will take some pics and add them, until then stay safe and keep smiling :)


  1. That's a fantastic weight loss... keep going!!

  2. Well done…awesome losses.

  3. 3.4 pounds is fantastic! Well done chicken xoxo