Thursday, February 11, 2016

A quick one....

Just a quick entry am going to try and post twice a week, a Sunday and Wednesday or Thursday.....

Ok news, well have lost all the weight I gained, am so glad I don't freak out over the numbers now on the scales, know that what I am doing is ok food wise, not the greatest but better than what it was :)

Trying to enjoy the deck, but we have had more days with showers and rain than not :(. But did get to see Chris on his way through to Auckland yesterday for about an hour was really nice to catch up with him :). He now lives with his Dad in Auckland and works up there, he purchased himself a car end of last year some sporty thing..... his baby lol. Do I like him driving something like that hell no - but not a lot I can do, he paid for it himself, and doesn't live with me anymore so I have to suck it up, does he speed, of course he does but like us well I know I was anyway at that age, that he thinks he is invincible... I just have to pray he doesn't kill anyone in the precess. BTW the twins are 21 years in September :).

 And here he is, a bit different from what he used to look like, for those that have been following me for years, gees some of you were even around when I was pregnant with the twins lol. :)

Well thats about it for now I think.... catch you all in a couple of days time


  1. Chris looks entirely different to photos when he was younger! He's looking really good. Good about your weight to... keep on doing what you're doing.

  2. Well done on your loss :-).

    Chris is a fine looking young man, you did a great job of raising him & Steph.

  3. You did well kid :) yep, from way back then to now? Well done :)

  4. Losing gains quickly is so good for the soul!! Well done!

  5. Woah, Chris looks like a totally different person!