Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday Sunday Sunday, where are these weeks going too......

First off weigh in, I have lost all of what I gained except for 1lb, and since I had gone up to above my what was my highest weight means I have lost 8.4lbs in a week - got to love constipation/haemorrhoids at times YEAH RIGHT!!. Again I am only using the scales as a long term guide rather than a weekly guide.

Not a lot has been happening, been practicing nails, when my wrist can handle it and when I have no clients, have trialled a couple of cushions for my chair (to avoid getting haemorrhoids, if we can from sitting in the nail chair to long), and also have a new splint to trial out, which I will do this week. I am not sure if I mentioned that the CRPS has progressed to the right hand/arm now as well as the left. This makes things a tad more difficult but I am not giving up on the nail business, my goal is still to be off ACC by the end of the year.

It seems really funny not going to Aussie this year, be the first time in 5 years we have not been, oh well the deck had to come first this year, and am loving it. Seeing as I cant have the beach as my happy place for now, the deck is nice under the tree's and listening to the birds and cicada's. 

Next year all going to plan we will be spending 4 weeks in Aussie, we will do Melbourne first off, then head towards the Blue Mountains & Sydney, whilst calling in to see Anne. Then we will head of towards the Gold Coast or we might go to the Sunshine Coast not really sure at this stage, and not sure if we will fly/drive to the places.... So my goal is to be fit enough to enjoy the trip :)

Am hoping my car will last for another year or so and when we come back from Aussie I can get a new one. It still runs ok, but I am a bit worried to take it on longer trips as it is over 200,000Ks and the cambelt has never been done, and its not worth the money to get that done now, as it is 1996 Honda Integra, so its at that stage where it is going to cost me money and when that happens we will just sell as is where is. We were thinking of just having 1 car between us but somehow I don't think that would work out, as it would mean David would have to bus in to work, or I would have to drive him in on the days I need a car. It also means I would need to be more organised as I wouldn't have a car to just jump in and go get whatever I may need. I am still wanting my little VW Beetle that I have wanted ever since I was young young young..... I know they are expensive for repairs but they are oh so cute and I can do cute at times lol. It wouldn't be brand new, though that would be lovely, but we would need to win a shit load of money in lotto or scratches for that. 

One good thing is car prices are coming down, I would love this one, yes I want a convertible.... in fact this would be my perfect car, I love the yellow. It has only done 64,000 K's, it is 2004 and only $13,000 and of course you never pay full price..... hmmmm and it's in Napier - oh well I can dream I suppose :). Has anyone owned one or know about them, like if they break down much etc etc. I would love an original one from the 60's, but seeing as I am not a mechanic that won't be happening :(. They do have some cheaper with less K's that are not convertible's. 

Tonight we are having a BBQ with some friends, hope the weather stays good, over one day fine then rain, then fine, then rain and so on.... Hope everyone is having a good week.

Stay safe and keep smiling :)


  1. My daughter's favourite colour…and she'd love the car too :D