Sunday, February 7, 2016

Yip yip yip.....

Have not really been anywhere, first off what everybody is wanting to know, after forgetting to weigh in last week, due to it being a long weekend, and having friends around for the night, I weighed in this morning and yip I gained everything I lost plus some - yip I could get shitty but am not cause I know why and it wasn't food.... People that have known me for a long time know I suffer with medication constipation, and am I constipated, yes I am big time, and I know once I get moving again in the bowel department, I know the weight will move down again. Food hasn't changed so no it isn't that :)

Next topic of course it has to be the deck, we have had a couple of BBQ's on it with friends, and we have one tomorrow night with Steph and her partner Rob, and next weekend with some more friends that was suppose to be tonight but weather was debatable..... So here are some pics, we got some decent prices on furniture as shops are wanting to start getting things in for winter stock, so summer stock is on the way out with good deals.

The dogs love it too, it is not covered with sun, due to the trees which is brilliant, apart from the couple of days of rain, I have been using it everyday, hope it is fine tonight, so it will,be dry for a BBQ breakfast tomorrow morning, as we have another long weekend this weekend :).

The nail business is really starting to go well, now getting referred customers through word of mouth. I spend $8.00 a week on Facebook advertising and that is money well spent, you can pick the age bracket. Female/male and what km radius you want the advert to range in. So I have picked a 30k radius with females age 18 and over.

Oh yeah the OT (Ocupational Therapist) has been and we are trialling some cushions for the nail room to help with the constipation/haemorrhoid issue, and some ergorests for the wrists... Hoping that will help which will mean I can do more clients than what I am currently doing, without inflicting anymore pain.

So I think that's about it for now, will be back soon :)

Keep Smiling and Stay Safe Jaxx :)


  1. I love the deck!! I hope your other issue resolves itself soon :)

  2. The deck is gorgeous!!! Love the look of it! Glad that the OT is helping you out!

  3. The deck looks wonderful. And here's to resolving the medical constipation :-(