Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Weekend...

Happy Easter one and all, we don't have many plans, which is good cause the weather does not look the best, hopefully we can go to the Farmers Market in Tauranga then might go and have a look at the beach, nothing nicer than a beach after a storm. Chris might be coming down for a couple of days not sure yet though. And hopefully a BBQ on Monday night with Steph and Rob. and Chris if he is still here.

Daylight saving ends next weekend here, (the first Sunday in April) - bugga that really means Autumn is well and truly here, can't wait till Spring, for the last 5 years we have spent 2-3 weeks of winter in Aussie at the Gold Coast, but not this year :(. It's amazing spending a few weeks away out of winter how it makes the season seem so much shorter, oh well next year it will be 4 weeks :).

Food, have been doing a lot of thinking about food lately and in which way I want to go.... I am not doing to bad food wise, but need to be a little stricter in some areas, well it is a bit like chalk and cheese in what I am thinking - either going strict high protein low carb, or vegetarian, I love my meat though, but then I don't know if I love it enough to eat it, when I know what animals go through. Also it goes along with my beliefs of cruelty free makeup, not purchasing leather, not supporting things like Seaworld..... it also means I will have to force myself to eat more verge's cause lets face it, I know I do not eat near enough veggies. Anyway I have decided to make this decision over the next few days. I know losing weight will not cure the CRPS, but when you add obesity onto chronic pain, it makes it worse thats a fact, simple as..... I have done a lot of research with food and chronic pain, and being a vegetarian seems to be what most research shows will work with CRPS. Whatever I decide it will be slow transitioning change. Anyway more on that on the next post when I have made the final decision :)

Ohhhhh something else exciting is going to happen, and hopefully sooner rather than later, I am going to be getting another door to the nail room, yip a door, well what is so exciting I hear you say about a door, well the door is an outside door - yip so people need not come into the house anymore, and it also means I don't need to stress about people and the dogs, not that anyone has said anything and they all like the dogs apart from 2 clients who I lock the dogs away for, which isn't an issue. But I am trying to make it as professional as I can. Once the door is in, I can decorate it, so this weekend I am going to start planning the colours and what I want, and what furniture I need.... I am also thinking of selling some stuff as add on's like cuticle oil, hand creams and pedicure stuff. I will also think seriously about doing pedicures as I gat asked quite a bit about it. 

Anyway thats it from me for now.... if you are going away for the weekend, be careful on the roads. And stay safe and don't forget to smile it is contagious :)

Oh and if you have any colour idea's or any thoughts on a nail salon room place them here, like what you would like in there, a coffee machine, cold water.... :)

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  1. I, as a private piano teacher, can appreciate the fact that your clients don't have to walk through your house! Yay! for the door. Can't wait to hear what diet choice you make. I am at the same crossroads! What to do hey? Thats the question!