Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Yip I failed my first month of weigh in's by.......... 0.2lbs, yip thats right a piddle, small plop whatever but hey I am not going to quibble over 0.2lbs, I lost for the month of Feb 2016 -  5.4lbs, goal is 5.6lbs a month to earn my reward of what....

Of this of course. If I lose 5.6lbs a month for 18 months, I am allowed to purchase this car, ok not this exact one but one very similar. (oh unless my car ends it's life sooner than 18 months, then we might have to come to a deal)

So apart from that not a lot has been happening, working, oh do you know how much I love that word working, ok it's only part time but hey its a job, I have to get up, dress nicely, do makeup etc and look and be presentable so to me thats a job, even if it is only 2 or 3 hours a day and only a couple of days a week. 

Not a lot new, the puppies had a haircut yesterday, here they are feeling a little tired out, Chico has been finding the heat really hard.... here we have Rusty with a wet mouth after his huge drink, and below Miss Chico looking ever so beautiful :)

So anyway like I said not a lot has been happening, need to go and finish my nails now as I have a client later today.

'Stay safe and keep smiling'


  1. Never say you failed when you have lost weight over the month - that is not failure at all. That is weight lost over the month - well done !!!!
    Have the best day xox

  2. That is an awesome weight loss and you are right 0.2 is a piddle! Literally! Go you!

  3. i agree, i do not think that word "fail" belongs in this blog, as you would tell me that too.. you're not failing at all :)

    going slow and steady, thats the way to move mountains me dear :)