Thursday, March 31, 2016

Just some info about CRPS...

I must admit I tend to avoid talking CRPS on here, which is really quite silly considering CRPS is my life 24/7, so I may start adding some articles on here so first of we have this from "Burning Nights" in the UK. Click on the link, to read more about it.
Infographic: An Exercise Guide for People with Limited Mobility
As any person suffering from CRPS knows, every day is a physical struggle and activities which are routine for most people don’t come easily. Getting sufficient exercise can be an especially difficult task for people with CRPS due to the physical strain that is likely to be heaped on top of the chronic pain that already exists. This fear of doing further damage to the body, along with a lack of self-belief or motivation, can act as a major deterrent to exercising.
However, there are many exercises that can be done by chronic pain sufferers which not only are perfectly safe, but will also be hugely beneficial in strengthening the body so that it becomes more resistant to chronic pain. There is also plenty of tailor-made equipment for people with limited mobility who wish to exercise, such as a cardiovascular exercise bike and a wheelchair multi-gym.
As well as the physical benefits it provides, exercising can also make lasting psychological changes to the life of a person with chronic pain. Once they discover capabilities they never thought they had, they can feel a surge of self-confidence and a real sense of achievement. It can also open doors to making new friends through meeting like-minded people undertaking the same experience.
Check out this really cool and inspirational infographic from UK-based chronic pain charity Burning Nights ( to see more about exercising for people with conditions such as CRPS.

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  1. I love being informed about difficulties that others face with eating/exercise. This is very informative. Thank you!