Friday, March 4, 2016

The word 'fail/failure/failed'....

The word 'Failure' that I wrote in the previous post, was in no way a negative word, like I said it was just a piddle or plop, by no means was I disappointed with not reaching my goal of 5.6lbs by 0.2lbs, but my goal is 5.6lbs so in that respect it meant I failed, the word 'fail/failure/failed' to me, means I need to push myself that little bit harder next time, to me it's a challenge word.... Yes I lost 5.4lbs, but my goal is 5.6lbs, so I focus on that, or I will become to relaxed and next month if it is only 5lbs, I might think that is good enough, but it won't be cause I need a goal, not a guide. If you get what I mean :). Oh and weigh in is at then end of the month or the 1st of the month, which ever day I remember ;).

Ok so onto other things, well not a lot, yesterday I did my first day of 3 clients in a day, paying for it today so today I have kept it free to let the wrists recover a little. ACC have purchased me a new desk chair and a cushion for me haemorrhoids, so hopefully that will help in the area of my butt, when I sit for longer periods of time :)

Dogs got groomed last Monday, they were getting to hot throughout the day, but then of course what happens Tuesday it gets colder again, just cant win, and it was the first day of Autumn, it can't be Autumn yet I have not had enough use of the deck yet - hopefully a few warmer days will happen soon :)

Oh yeah, we have had a few deaths this year from some amazing people, singers like David Bowie to cricketers like 'Martin Crowe', he was my idol, when I was younger. My friends and I used to go to the cricket regularly and watch New Zealand at Eden Park in Auckland, I loved him, he was my teenage crush, sadly he passed away from cancer yesterday. At just the age of 53, to many people are dying far to young these days. 

And on that note, that is about all the news I have currently, should anything majorly exciting happen in the next day or two, I will come back and report lol

In the meantime:

Stay safe, keep smiling and have a great fantastic amazing weekend :)

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  1. There has been a lot of early deaths of late, I was stunned the other day to hear of the loss of a great Olympic rower at age unfair.
    Cancer sux