Thursday, April 21, 2016

Will we be the lucky ones....

I know it's not just New Zealand where there is debates happening about medical marijuana, I for one, know that if I had a choice of taking medical marijuana or the 40+ pills I take a day now, which way I would go. I am over all the bull-crap with it, even doctors admit they would hand it out if they could. The laws need to change and at least be offered to trial for people with CRPS. If you don't agree that is fine as well, as you would just say no to a trial. What really annoys me is that we are mostly adults, yet we can not make a decision about our lives, why do people have to suffer because of companies like Pharmac who know they will lose out of thousands of dollars a year if this goes ahead. I am glad to see some people getting it, not for CRPS mind you, but for other illnesses, I would say CRPS will be right down the line even if it does get approved. CRPS has a high high suicide rate, and who blames them, who wants to live a life in pain all day, and be bed ridden and have no life, and no there is no cure..... but slowly the world is changing, so just maybe we can start feeling a little more positive that we might in our generation be one of the ones who get to try it. Oh and those who think it is about getting high, this is not the case with medical marijuana, it is a pain relief.

Anyway here is an article written by a man named Jason, who has CRPS, first is a little introduction about him and then he writes a great article about medical marijuana... Thank you Jason :)

As a disabled Army veteran Jason has been through years of therapy and treatment and he has seen the toll prescription pain medications can take on you and your family. Now years later and an advocate for Medical Marijuana he is the founder of a website dedicated to providing accurate information on Medical Marijuana uses, the laws, and the strains. He is a firm believer that marijuana can help millions of people and deserves its proper place in mainstream medicine.

Put an End to the Insane Pain Please

Imagine your usual everyday routine for a minute, think of all the things you must accomplish, the errands that need to be ran and the work that needs to be done. I am sure you are already thinking there are not enough hours in the day to achieve the to-do list you set out to tackle each day but somehow manage to get it done.  What if that daily routine was suddenly interrupted due to an injury, one that you expect to recover from within specific set of time because the doctors have a treatment plan that is going to fix it right back up.
What happens when that time expires and you have healed but left with intense pain at the site and around the area of where the injury happened? Most of the time you are told that the site pain will go away, it is normal for it to experience some discomfort, it's just part of the healing process. After you have heard that saying a few dozen times, it gets old fast because you just want someone to listen to what is going on. You know that this amount of pain is not normal and that you should be better by now, you have done everything the doctor asked you to, yet you're not.
Anyone who has ever had to live with on-going pain that lasts for more than three months knows that it can become one of most trying times in someone's life. Whether the pain resulted from an injury that landed you in a cast, surgery or burn, the fact of the matter is that your pain is real, and it's not going away. 
When you finally get the doctor to listen and understand that this is more than the normal pain from the fracture that you had a year ago, the feeling of relief is overwhelming, you have a doctor who is listening and ready to figure this pain out. A series of tests ran, several labs and even medical imaging like an x-ray, MRI or bone scan is completed, yet the doctors still do not see anything that is causing this, they are either puzzled or frustrated from having no answer, so you become their test monkey. They have you try every medication under the sun to figure out how to control the pain and identify the root cause. Then finally the doctors see you for a check-up, your pain still present and they finally say they think they have determined the cause of your pain and tell you that you have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). You are so happy to have an answer that you do not stop to think about what the doctor has just told you, and you are eager to start the treatment process and finally end this pain once and for all.
The doctor then tells you that although we believe you have CRPS; we are not sure why you have it or how to treat it, that all they can do is help to get the pain down and manageable. Your happiness of knowing what is going on has just been stripped away from you as you hear this information. The same feelings return, the cycles of medication trials continue and you feel as if you have lost you thru all of this. 
What if the medical marijuana world spoke and said they had been listening to us the whole time, that they are eager to help find a solution to your pain and that they will find one that works. Well that is just what they are saying and doing especially in the recent years, the research and studies available are turning people's opinions around on medical marijuana.  In fact, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who was highly opposed to the use of marijuana with in the medical community and those with CRPS, has come forward to apologize for making such a statement without giving the proper attention to the research. In August 2013 Dr. Gupta said he had changed his view on medical marijuana completely after doing further research, spending time with those that used cannabis as a there medication and reading medical documents. What he found was that marijuana is a great pain medication that lacks the addictive properties as defined by the medical industries. He discovered that to study marijuana benefits one must jump through double standard hoops and this is why we do not hear about the benefits of marijuana. 
Dr. Gupta had stated that it was unreal to see our society backing a drug that kills someone every 19 minutes from overdosing on the medication. There are too many people dying from the poppy plant and with the record numbers of death from it, we are seeing doctors backing the support for medical marijuana for the treatment of pain and other conditions. 76% of physicians agreed that they would rather treat a patient with marijuana than an opiate but despite the benefits the laws prevent this, forcing them to prescribe medications that kill. The medical world is finally listening; we soon may see relief after all for pain related to CRPS. 
Will be interested to hear thoughts and opinions on this topic thanks :)


  1. It really does seem like a no brainer, it has less side effects and does less damage to your body and is less addictive than most of the stuff you have to take now, especially stuff like methadone. There is more & more evidence that medical marijuana alleviates many symptoms for a variety of ailments. Like all meds, if it does not work then you can try something else but surely you should be able to try it for yourself. Make someone like Pharmac the supplier like they are with the other stuff.

  2. I can't understand this nonsense. Of course medical marijuana should be able to be prescribed. I really don't understand the problem, it's not a recreational drug for goodness sake. I hope your your sake, and everyone else's sake, that we get this into law soon.

  3. It's a no brainer, it needs to be prescribed. I hope for your sake and many others that it's there for you to be able to use.