Sunday, May 8, 2016

A nice surprise and follow the transformation....

Today is Mothers Day, happy Mother's Day to each and everyone of you mum's out there. Hope you all had,have are having a good day :) I didn't see my kids today, we celebrated a couple of weeks ago with a BBQ when Chris was down, so today was fairly quiet, though David and I had a lot to discuss, he surprised me with something today, it will be confirmed in the next day or so. But it will probably go ahead yay :) 

Ok what has happened since I was suppose to be starting to eat healthy and exercise, well nothing, no gains no losses, no fitter, no unfitter...... Yip I am exactly the same weight and fitness, but now I have to get moving, though I am not diabetic, if I don't get of my arse and do something I will end up a diabetic sooner rather than later. So as of now yip right now 5.12pm on Sunday the 8th May 2016, I vow and declare that I will no longer stay this way any longer. Tomorrow I start walking 1k at a time, tomorrow I start watching what I eat and no longer eat food that is processed, well as little as possible by the end of June which is 7 weeks today, I want to be walking 3k's a day 5 days a week, and I want to lose minimum 10ks, or 22lbs. So everyday but Saturday or Sunday I am going out to walk, I am going to beat this weight once and for all, my next blood tests are going to come back better, I am going to make sure of that. 

Yes there will be pain but I will work thought it with a TENS machine and meditation, I am so friggin going to do this, I have a reason why and hopefully later in the week I can talk more about it. 

Oh I am now a Scentsy Consultant and can send all over New Zealand so if you are interested click here and on the right hand side you will see a sign saying 'My open party", click Launch Party and confirm, and order through that, otherwise you can email me at and I can do the order for you. Anyway that's about it from me for now, have a good night and be back in a day or two, with my update :)

Keep Smiling and Stay Safe Jaxx :)

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  1. hey friend :) i was going to call you today but fell asleep in afternoon and from then on was pretty out of things as per usual :( anyway, when you're free, buzz me and we'll catch up. Can't wait to hear your news lol plus I got stacks to share too.. love the new stuff too, Scentsy? More info please..