Monday, May 9, 2016

The news is.....

We are off to the Gold Coast for 2 weeks end of June early July, David suggested it yesterday and we worked out a budget, well he worked out a budget as he is paying lol. So with airpoints we booked our flights today, booked the same apartment building as last year, and now even have the same room, love it, our home away from home. No ocean views but hey we are like 200 meters from the beach.

So hence why I said that I need to loose weight fast and get fit, today I went for the first walk of the week, will go again tomorrow, and the next day and the next day.... Food wise back to low carb, it gives me the most energy with the greatest weight loss, we go in 7 weeks time as from yesterday :). We decided to fly out Sunday night, as the flights were heaps cheaper, and coming back a Monday Afternoon/night. We normally do a Wednesday departure and return, we are still there two full weekends though :)

The dogs will go to the kennels a little worried cause Chico had a seizure last year there, but we have been and are working on her fears with thunder Etc, so hopefully she will be fine.

Anyway so that's our news, now to get excited about it lol.

Keep Smiling and Stay Safe Jaxx :)

Location:New Zealand


  1. ohhh wow what a awesome surprise, something to work hard for, I know how you love the Gold Coast.

  2. Have a great time... nothing like a Gold Coast holiday!

  3. That is super exciting! I am a little bit jealous!

  4. Have a fantastic trip :-). Hope you have lovely warm weather too.