Sunday, July 17, 2016

A few little things happening...

Ok, first up, been to the Gold Coast, loved it as much as ever and miss the place so much. Spent way to much as per usual, purchased an Apple Watch, which counts steps Etc... Was going to get a Fitbit but changed my mind to the Apple Watch and love love love it - we did come back to a beautiful day Tuesday and then rain wind and cold from then on. Steph and Rob looked after the place and the dogs :)

Weight wise, lost about 4 kilos, but need to really get into losing more regularly now I am back and settled. More on that in the minute.

Over in Aussie another side effect of CRPS appeared, was hoping it was because I was just walking more, but no come back to NZ and it doesn't go away, google it and yip it is a nerve thing bugger blast.... Well now the scary part comes, a few years ago I had a scan. And they said it looked like I might have the start of MS but there were no real symptoms so just sort of put it on the back burner. Anyway googled it and a lot of people had this as their first symptom of MS... But even if it isn't that it and it comes under the CRPS umbrella, there is no cure for it :(. So it appears within 6 months to 2 years, most people are either in a wheelchair, crutches or using a walker fulltime. It is scary what happens, it is hard to explain but when I walk like on a flat surface like a mall etc, my left foot (the CRPS leg), feels like it is sliding on ice and you think you are going to fall. The only times it appears not to happen is when I am barefoot or walking on grass. I kept checking my shoe/jandles to see if there was like oil on it or something, and though we both checked the shoes 100 times, nothing could be seen, anyway back in NZ it has not stopped :(. I will go and see the doctor in the next week or so, I assume they will send me to a neurologist and get a scan. This of course has put me in a small panic and while I can, I am going on a diet, I need to lose weight, (no losing weight will not get rid of it but it will make life a lot simpler, will I be on crutches/walker/wheelchair in 6 months, who knows, no one does), no it's not a lifestyle change its a diet for now, (it might become a lifestyle change later, but for now it is a diet), while I can walk though very cautiously I need to walk as much as I can. I am also going to look at exercise with the TV, so I can do it in bare feet and feel safer doing it.

In Aussie I purchased another charm bracelet, it is a Thomas Sabo one, I love his charms, I have another charm bracelet from Louis Thompson, but that is nearly full and decided I loved the charms fro Thomas Sabo more, especially their VW bug and van :) so I have 3 charms, one that came with the bracelet and the other two David got me in Aussie, and they are legit as well, as they have the VW trademark, hence why they are also triple the price from the knock offs lol. :)

Anyway that's where I am at for now, I am going to be journeying my weight loss and my health situation, not sure if just on here, or if I may YouTube it as well... I am currently setting up the watch/phone with my fitness pal, I am not sure what type of food thing I am doing yet but this week is all about getting myself organised etc... So there you have it.

Keep Smiling and Stay Safe Jaxx :)

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  1. What a bugger about the new symptoms, take about kicking you while you are down. With regards to exercise, can you do gentle yoga, that is done with barefoot anyway, there are lots of online routines for all levels and you can do it at your own pace and skill.

    Love the VW charms, too cute :-)