Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Yip another one..... A post that is :)

I have had a few good days, cleaning the pantry, fridge and this coming weekend it will be all the kitchen draws etc...... I have pain when I do nothing, so I may as well do something and have pain.....

Had clients today and for the rest of the week, so all my energy goes on that. David has Monday off, so another long weekend for him and I, as I do Mondays as paperwork etc..... Though on Saturday I am working for a couple of hours, doing a set of acrylics on Steph's friend for her 21st.  Over the weekend, I plan to find some beginner yoga video's, I think the stretching etc will do me good. I will do a video of the nail room on the weekend. I have nearly come to an end on the methadone, am so excited, I certainly feel so much better having reduced it, a lot more alert and feel a lot more normal, even driving is becoming more enjoyable and cant wait till I can drive to the beach etc, I so miss the beach

Have just started watching 13 Reasons, about 1/3 of the way through, its interesting and it appears to be causing quite a debate worldwide. 

Am going to set myself 2 goals each month, 1 for the business and 1 personal goal, I will list them at the end of each month, ready to start on the first of each month - it will be goals I can achieve in a month, so nice and short goals.

What I have not been loving:
The spasm, hypersensitivity and burning sensations that are coming back as I come of meds, but I am not going to let them beat me. 

What I have been Loving:
Is being able to keep in touch with my cousins in Holland, love Facebook etc for that, I met them once when I went to Holland many many many many years ago...... and we are planning to go again within the next 5 years, when I am a lot fitter and healthier :). 

Anyway thats it from me, catch you soon and have a great weekend, if I don't post before that :)

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