Sunday, April 23, 2017

Yip me again.....

I am loving getting back into things like fashion blogs/vlogs and makeup blogs/vlogs again, I am enjoying that I am wanting to start looking good, by wearing makeup and taking pride in my appearance. 

Pain: I had been stopping taking panadol regularly, but have started back taking them regularly,  as the pain was increasing quite a bit, and hoping that will help a bit, (panadol is a good pain relief for nerve pain, if taken regularly), the main goal for now is to come of the opiates. If I can get my pain meds down to panadol and tramadol then I will be happy and I will stay at that for maybe a month or two and then try and decrease those..... I also hope to come off the Amitriptyline to help with sleep at night. 

There are some amazing nail techs coming out from oversea's doing some classes, I just want to be more with it, so I can attend them. They are not cheap so I want to be alert with them, was hoping this year would be the year I would be able to do the comps at the Beauty Expo in Auckland in July, but not sure if that will be possible. It is every 2 years so it means 26 months till the next one, though I can enter some Aussie comps etc, where you post in the nails etc, so that could be good :). 

Rusty has completed his hydrotherapy from his Patella Surgery, we now go back 4 - 6 weekly for maintenance and to keep an eye on his other leg, here is a photo from straight after surgery and a small video from hydrotherapy, we took him to Te Puke weekly for his sessions.

Rusty Night of Surgery

Miss Chico :)

Have a long weekend here again, well for some - David has taken the Monday off and Tuesday being ANZAC day, means another long weekend. Not many plans, yesterday I did nails and David took Rusty to his last hydrotherapy. Today we are just relaxing as I am pretty sore and not doing the best today. Tomorrow I want to finish spring cleaning the kitchen, or maybe just another lazy day. The weather is changing to winter slowly - colder mornings and nights, time to drag out the heater and use it.

I am back into cooking meals from scratch again, which I am enjoying, love being more with it and being able to do more..... 

Anyway thats about it for now........

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    Great to see you posting..the poor puppies, at least they are on the mend