Saturday, May 6, 2017

Month Of April

Well didn't do as well as March, but still down 2.1 Kilos, for the month of April, so still stoked with that......

Went back to the GP and my blood pressure just wont go down, even with meds and weight loss, it is increasing and he has no idea why, it seems to have coincided with the reduction of the methadone but in reality there is no research saying that there is a correlation. I go back in just over 2 weeks, and have just started another BP med :(. 

On to other bad news, Rusty (dog), had patella surgery on his back leg just before Christmas, now he has to have it on the other leg. I am not looking forward to it, not only the cost but the rehabilitation, it means one of us has to be with him all the time, so no going out for a day trip together for 5 weeks. He was really good last time and didn't want to chew his sore or stitches - don't think we will be so lucky this time. He is not allowed to walk on his leg for the first 3 weeks, so we carry him outside let him do his wee or #2's and then bring him back inside. David will take one week off, last time he had 3 weeks off nearly as we did it just before Christmas. He is so busy at work, that I think he can only take 1 week this time. Surgery will be done in the next 2 or so weeks, once he finds dates for his leave. This also means Chico's surgery will be delayed a little, as Rusty's is more urgent.

Because of Rusty's surgery, it will also mean that I prob wont do clients for a week or two as he will get overexcited and want to greet them at the door, and he is not supposed to be walking, though he will be in this little fenced of area, he will prob try and get out and could do more damage, especially in those first 3 or so weeks. I have joined an online nail tech course, so it will give me plenty of time to practice I suppose ;). 

Anyway thats it for now, cant think of much more to say, so keep smiling and stay safe :)

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  1. Hope everything is going ok with Rusty.
    Well done on the 2.1 loss for the month of April :-)